Latest version: 2.2 (updated on 2013-02-12)

F2 is a clean looking responsive theme for WordPress released for free under the GPL. F2 Version 2.0 is completelely rebuilt based on the _s theme.

F2 responsive

Main Features

  • Responsive. This means certain elements of the site gets rearraged and/or resized so that the layout nicely fits the screen the site is viewed in. The site looks good whether you are looking at it from a mobile phone or a tablet device or a widescreen monitor.
  • Four color schemes:
    • Blue (default)
    • Brown
    • Green
    • Dark
  • Four different layouts to choose from:
    • content – sidebar (default)
    • sidebar – content
    • sidebar – content – sidebar
    • content only (no sidebar)
  • More customization possible from the ‘Theme Options’ admin page and also from the WP ‘Theme Customizer’.
  • Compatible with WordPress version 3.4 and above. Tested upto 3.5-beta-3.
  • HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Tested and works well in all major browsers. IE 7 and up, and the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
  • Translation ready.


Latest Version: 2.2
Requires: WordPress 3.4 or above

Download F2 from the WordPress theme directory

The latest version can also be downloaded from GitHub.

Please Note: Version 2.0 is a massive update. If you are using an older version of the theme, mind that you will have to redefine all your customizations when you upgrade, this is the case even if you are using a child theme. If you have too many customizations, you may want to stick with the older version.

Installation instructions and more details in the README.md file that’s packed along with the theme. Refer changelog.txt for changes between versions.

Feedback and support

You can write rate and review the theme, or if you have any issue post a note at the WordPress support forums.

If you like this theme, please make a donation and support development.

Translation credits

Code Language Translator
be_BY Belorussian Marcis G.
bg_BG Bulgarian Vladimir Borisov
da_DK Danish Per Lundbech
de_DE German Stephan Jaschke
fa_IR Persian Ghiasabadi R. M.
fo_FO Faroese Hjalti á Lava
fr_FR French Etienne
hi_IN Hindi Ashish Jha
id_ID Indonesian Masino Sinaga
it_IT Italian Gianni Diurno (aka gidibao)
ja Japanese Mako
lt_LT Lithuanian Tomas Šiurna
nb_NO Norwegian (Bokmål) Eilif Nordseth, Eivind Ødegård
nl_NL Dutch R. Helmes
nn_NO Norwegian (Nynorsk) Eivind Ødegård
pl_PL Polish Super Grey
pt_BR Portugese Pedro Padron
ru_RU Russian Mihail Pomaskin
ta Tamil Ravi
tr_TR Turkish Caner Güral
uk_UA Ukrainian Oleg Tsvirko
zh_CN Chinese Awu
zh_TW Traditional Chinese Mingyao Chuang


  1. Okay, I don’t know why my examples above were not posted, but now I am certain: There is an error in the theme, I don’t know where, which publishes images in their original size on the main page, but in their set size on their individual pages. This is very annoying, as I do not wish to have to upload two sets of images – not to mention that design takes place on the spot, and THEN I would have to produce an image of the descided size and uploade it.

    Please fix!

  2. it would be nice, if you responded. I am shoehorning the blog at the moment, and need to decide if I want to spend more energy on it – the picture problem is really annoying, because it goes for all pictures, as I go back in time.

  3. I haven’t seen this on my site. Do you have an example where the size changes? Do you increase/decrease the size of the picture on the main page and link it to the actual size?

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  5. Hello.
    Can I edit the Home page and put the blog onto another page? I see where I access my added pages but I don’t see where to edit the Home page or how to make an added page the home page. Sorry. Help please.

  6. Hello.
    I see under Reading that I can make a page the home page, but that page still shows the title when I don’t need it to and it still shows on the horizontal menu. I don’t see the page number to eliminate showing the “Page” in the horizontal menu. It also shows up under pages rather than not showing up there and just being the Home page. Can I eliminate the title, the display under Pages and the entry on the horizontal menu?

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