Quotes Collection

Quotes Collection plugin for WordPress helps you collect, manage and display your favourite quotes in your WordPress blog/website. A random quote can be displayed in the sidebar (or any other widget area) using the ‘Random Quote’ sidebar widget. The widget comes with a cool refresh feature — you will be able to get another random quote on the same space without refreshing the web page. All quotes or a set of quotes can be displayed in a WordPress page by placing a shortcode [quotcoll] in the desired page. Also available, the template function quotescollection_quote() that can be directly coded into a template file, and a random quote will appear in the corresponding location in the output.

The plugin is similar, and uses ideas from (though not based on) the old wp quotes plugin by Dustin Barnes.


Click on the thumbnail for the larger image.

You can find a live demo of the ‘Random Quote’ widget at the sidebar here!


The latest stable version of the plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository. (changelog)

Development can be followed at GitHub.

Released for free under the GPL.