Quotes Collection plugin in various languages

Support for localization was added in version 1.1 of the Quotes Collection plugin. As of the latest version (1.2.6; updated on 2009-04-14) the plugin has been translated into 18 languages.

Code Language Translator
ar Arabic Ahmed Alharfi
bs_BA Bosnian Vukasin Stojkov
da_DK Danish Rune Clausen
de_DE German Tobias Koch
es_ES Spanish Germán L. Martínez (Gershu)
fa_IR Persian Ehsan SH
fr_FR French psykotik
hr_HR Croatian 1984da
it_IT Italian Gianni Diurno (aka gidibao)
ja Japanese Urepko Asaba
nl_NL Dutch Kristof Vercruyssen
pl_PL Polish Marcin Gucia
ru_RU Russian Andrew Malarchuk
sr_RS Serbian Vukasin Stojkov
sv_SE Swedish Julian Kommunikation
ta_IN Tamil Srini
tr_TR Turkish Gürkan Gür
uk_UA Ukrainian Stas

If you don’t see your language above, please translate the plugin into your language and send me the file. Contact me if you need help.

Flexi Pages Widget 1.5

The Flexi Pages Widget plugin for WordPress has been updated to version 1.5.

Changes / Notes

  • Unlimited instances of the Flexi Pages Widget can be added to the sidebar.
  • New option to show date. This option, when selected displays creation or last modified date next to each page.
  • Widget controls overhauled. (see screenshot below)
  • The plugin references wp_page_menu() function instead of wp_list_pages(). Consequently, version 1.5 will work only with WordPress versions 2.7 and above.
  • All parameters that can be passed on to wp_page_menu() and wp_list_pages() can be passed into the flexipages() template function.

The Flexi Pages Widget plugin can be downloaded from the plugin page or from the WordPress plugin repository.

Plainscape WP theme update: v 1.0.1

The Plainscape theme for WordPress has been updated to version 1.0.1.

Changes and notes:

  • There was a bug in comments.php file that caused problems when user login required to comment. This issue is fixed now. Thanks to users who reported the problem and to those who pinpointed the exact problem.
  • Many users have asked for the possibility of a header image (or a background image for the header). Reinhold has a pretty good solution for this — here. Alternatively in 1.0.1, you can upload the header image as header.jpg and uncomment the lines 121, 122 in style.css. Header image with dimensions 120 x 960 pixels 120 x 920 pixels work best. An options page with provision to upload a header image is possible, but that will be for a future version.
  • The RSS icon now weighs lighter! Thanks to Lesha of themaintainers.ru.
  • Benjamin Tseng has worked on the Simplified Chinese version of the theme (v.1.0). Download it here.

And here is some good news for Drupal users… Plainscape theme is now available for Drupal too!!! All credit to Suksit Sripitchayaphan (kong) who worked on porting this theme to drupal. Visit the Plainscape theme project on drupal.org.

My sincere apologies for not being able to properly respond to all the comments and emails the past month or so. I had a range of personal issues to deal with and that’s the reason for my ‘busyness’. I’ll be spending more time on WP stuff during the coming weeks.

Click here to download the Plainscape theme. Thanks again for all those who’ve been using my themes and plugins 🙂

Fluid Blue WP Theme version 1.7

The Fluid Blue WordPress theme has been updated to version 1.7.


  • Added support for threaded comments and comments paging (these features work only in WP 2.7+).
  • The horizontal navigation bar now displays dropdown menus for second level pages (this doesn’t work in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser). Thanks to Etienne Loutrel of http://www.gnulinux.fr/ for his help with the code.

The theme can be downloaded as usual from the theme page.

Also, Perrin Meyer has modified v1.6.1 of the theme to render LaTeX fonts and he’s also been kind enough to share his version. Anybody interested, do check it out. Here — Fluid Blue and LaTeX.

Long live Open Source Software!