Flexi Pages Widget v1.6.4

Flexi Pages Widget plugin for WordPress updated to version 1.6.4. This update comes after 14 months since the previous update, and this too is a minor update, with translations added in the following languages.

  • Czech (cs_CZ) by Tomáš Hubka
  • Norwegian Bokmål (nb_NO) by Tore Johnny Bråtveit
  • Polish (pl_PL) by Mariusz Jackiewicz

And a minor change to one line of code (a minor change to load_plugin_textdomain() function call to fix a depreciated parameter) that will be inconsequential as far as functionality is concerned. No other changes. Only users who use any of the above languages need upgrade. Others need not.

People have been reporting of ‘problems’ like ‘subpages not displayed’, etc…. Well, I have tested the plugin thoroughly in WP 3.2-beta2, that’s the latest version of WP as you can get today, with different variations of pages and sub-pages and different variations of hierarchy, and different options, and the plugin just seems to work the way it’s supposed to work. I think most of the people who report problems have not understood how the plugin works and have not read the FAQ.

Different people want to display the list of their pages/subpages in different ways, and it’s just impractical to provide various different options to meet all those demands. Moreover, majority of the people who use the plugin use it the way it works, and if I change any of that functionality, they will all protest. So there is no question of modifying the functionalities or adding more options unless a particular option is in great demand and if it’s feasible. And I don’t have any intentions of adding new functionalities or new options to this plugin in the near future simply because I have to focus on my other projects. If you need any custom functionality or custom variation for this plugin and willing to pay for it, contact me.

Of course, the plugin is open source and anybody can go into the code and change it to work the way they want, and I totally appreciate that.

The latest version of the plugin can be downloaded from http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/flexi-pages-widget/