Quotes Collection plugin v1.0

Glad to release version 1.0 of our ‘Quotes Collection plugin for WordPress with Random Quote sidebar widget‘ 🙂 . I have spent a lot of time the last two days testing the plugin in a number of WordPress installations and across various different browsers. A number of bugs fixed, and a number of improvements here and there and everywhere. Notably, the plugin is now compatible with (yet to be released) WordPress 2.5 (backwards compatiblility upto 2.1 assured).

Version 1.0 is more stable and less buggier than the 0.9 series, but no new features added as such. New features will be for future versions. For now, you can download Quotes Collection version 1.0 from the plugin page, install (or upgrade) the plugin in your blog, and have fun!

Flexi Pages Widget v.1.3

Flexi Pages Widget for WordPress becomes more flexible with version 1.3! The plugin now supports multiple instances of the widget — upto nine instances of the widget can be added to the sidebar of your WordPress blog. The screenshot below demonstrates this new feature.

New features added in version 1.3:

  • Multiple instances of the widget
  • An include option that can be used to display only select pages.
  • flexipages() template function that can be used as an alternative to the sidebar widget.

All this in addition to the features already availabe with the previous versions. The plugin can be downloaded as usual from the Flexi Pages Widget plugin page. Download also available at the WordPress plugin directory.

‘Quotes Collection’ plugin with a ‘Random Quote’ sidebar widget

Quotes Collection plugin for WordPress does just what the name implies, helps you collect and manage your favourite quotations and display a random quote on your sidebar. The Random Quote widget has a cool Ajax powered refresh feature, this means you can get another quote on the same space without refreshing the whole web page. You can also display all quotes, or a set of quotes on a page using a [quote] tag. Have a look at my quotes collection to see this plugin in action. The plugin is similar to wp quotes plugin by Dustin Barnes.

Find more information, and download version 0.9 of the plugin from the Quotes Collection plugin page and show off your attitude on the sidebar of your blog 😉 . Note that the plugin has still not been extensively tested across different WordPress versions, so please report any defects you might find with this plugin.

WP themes updated with tags support and links page

I have updated my WordPress themes with tags support for WordPress 2.3. The themes will work just fine under older WordPress versions as well.

I have also added a links template as suggested by Carlo. So, if you have a huge number of ‘Blogroll’ links and want them to be displayed in a page instead of in the sidebar, this links template might be quite handy. Just create a page with an appropriate title like ‘Links’ and for the ‘Page Template’ option, select ‘Links’.

But the links page you find on my website doesn’t actually use the links template, I use a plugin of sorts to accomplish this. Here it is if you too want to go plugin way — srinis-links-page.zip. Unzip, upload and activate the plugin as you would do with any other plugin, and place the text {{links-page}} in the page you want your ‘Blogroll’ links to be appear. It’s just a small piece of code… feel free to develop the plugin further and make it a full fledged links page plugin, but there’s probably many other advanced links page plugins already available.

I’ve also made plenty of other improvements with the themes. So, head over to my themes page, choose a theme, download, use it in your blog, and have fun. 🙂

PS: Just for a record, 1.5 is the latest version number for all my themes.

Flexi Pages Widget v.1.2

With the latest version of the Flexi Pages Widget, version 1.2, you can

  • Specify a custom text for the ‘home page’ link. So you can now have the home page link text as ‘Home’, or ‘Front Page’ or anything you like.
  • Have the child pages, parent pages, sibling pages and top level pages displayed on a page while still leaving out the siblings of parent pages. This is not possible with older versions. Version 1.2 doesn’t include this as an ‘option’ though. You have to specify the ‘Custom depth’ as ‘-3’ to achieve this.

These things in addition to all the nice features available on previous versions. Version 1.2 is also tested with WordPress 2.3-beta1, so you can be sure that the widget will work on your blog if use any WP versions greater than 2.1.

Download Flexi Pages Widget v.1.2 from the plugin page. All suggestions, feedbacks welcome as a comment at the plugin page. Thanks to all those who provided suggestions, reported errors, etc,. and I thank everyone using the widget. 🙂