WordPress 3.3

WordPress has been updated to version 3.3, the user interface in the admin area has got some terrific improvements. Do upgrade and check it out.

Though I didn’t have enough quality time to do extensive testing of my plugins and themes with WP 3.3, I did a quick check and find it all works without any glitches. As far as I’ve checked there’s nothing that needs any urgent update specific to 3.3. However, if you find any 3.3 specific issue, please do let me know.


For the next month, I’ll be completely staying away from development / maintenance / work on WordPress themes and plugins. I’ve already not been able to reply to comments posted here, there is just so much of spam comments and repeated questions that I am not able to moderate and respond to each comment individually. But I did make it a point to respond to emails as much as possible. The coming month, I won’t be responding to emails as well.

This break is necessary for me. Over the past few months, I’ve been losing interest in WP development and it’s reflected in the non-maintenance of this website and my themes/plugins. Web development, and playing with WP themes and plugins started as a hobby for me, but now it has become some kind of obligation. I need this break in order to give myself a chance of getting back the motivation and drive for development.

So, the final word: no updating themes and plugins in May, no responding to comments and emails. Happy May!

PS: If you need any help/support regarding my themes and plugins, you can post your question at http://wordpress.org/support/. I’m sure the nice folks out there will help you out quickly. Cheers.