Flexi Pages Widget v.1.2

With the latest version of the Flexi Pages Widget, version 1.2, you can

  • Specify a custom text for the ‘home page’ link. So you can now have the home page link text as ‘Home’, or ‘Front Page’ or anything you like.
  • Have the child pages, parent pages, sibling pages and top level pages displayed on a page while still leaving out the siblings of parent pages. This is not possible with older versions. Version 1.2 doesn’t include this as an ‘option’ though. You have to specify the ‘Custom depth’ as ‘-3’ to achieve this.

These things in addition to all the nice features available on previous versions. Version 1.2 is also tested with WordPress 2.3-beta1, so you can be sure that the widget will work on your blog if use any WP versions greater than 2.1.

Download Flexi Pages Widget v.1.2 from the plugin page. All suggestions, feedbacks welcome as a comment at the plugin page. Thanks to all those who provided suggestions, reported errors, etc,. and I thank everyone using the widget. 🙂

‘Flexi Pages Widget’ for WordPress

Flexi Pages Widget‘ is a widget to display the list of pages and sub-pages links on the WordPress sidebar. The widget control panel is very easy to use… there are plenty of options to display the list in different ways.

Unique features:

  • option to display sub-pages only in parent page and related pages.
  • optional link to home page.

I have quite a number of sub-pages in this website and I wanted have these sub-pages listed only in the parent and sibling pages, not in home page and every other post/page. The default ‘Pages’ widget that comes along with WordPress doesn’t have many options… the ‘SubPages widget‘, and to an extent ‘Breukie’s Pages Widget‘ can be used to accomplish this, but they don’t exactly do what I wanted. I wanted only the top level pages to be displayed in home page and other pages/posts, but on a page having children, the child pages would nicely expand in the same list, I don’t want them to appear in a different list. I initially wrote the ‘Flexi Pages Widget’ for this very functionality, and subsequently added more user friendly options to the widget control panel. The page links on top of the sidebar here uses this widget… feel free to click around and see how it works.

More information and download link at the Felxi Pages plugin page.

New ‘Fluid Blue’ WordPress theme

As the name implies, a fluid width blue coloured template for your WordPress blog. Has two columns, right sidebar supports widgets. No fancy graphics, just simple, good looking design. Details and download link at the theme page. You can also preview and download from theme viewer.

One of the hardest thing while designing themes and templates is to suitably name them. I had to scratch my head a long time before naming this theme ‘Fluid Blue’. It’s surprising to find that, out of sixty three ‘fluid’ width ‘blue’ themes uploaded prior to this one at the theme viewer, none have been named ‘Fluid Blue’!

I have also made some improvements to my previous themes, few of those changes based on suggestions from the theme users, thanks for all the feed back. Those using these themes can download the latest versions here — Evanescence 1.3 and Crispy Cornsilk 1.1.

WordPress Theme update: Evanescence 1.1

Evanescence WordPress theme version 1.1 has the following changes from version 1.0.

  • ‘archives.php’ (archive index) and ‘404.php’ included in the package.
  • Pages can now have comments.
  • Comments link comes after a line break in post-meta-data in index and archives, just to make it prominent.
  • Various other fixes and minor changes.

Thanks to all those who have downloaded version 1.0 and chose to use it. If you have not already done so, find more information about the theme, download link and installation instructions at theme page. Enjoy 😉