New WordPress theme: Emphaino

So here we go, releasing a new theme after a dry period of forty two months!

Emphaino, as I’ve named the new theme, is a responsive WordPress theme with clean design and emphasis on content. The theme sports a Pinterest like layout for blog post index pages, uses scalable icon fonts, has one widget area at the footer, supports features like custom header, custom background, post formats, etc., and upto date with the latest developments in WordPress. Customization of the theme possible through the WordPress theme customizer interface.

Emphaino Screenshot

More information at the theme page. Downloads at the WordPress theme directory or GitHub.

Note: Please use the WordPress support forums for support related questions. You can also provide feedback by adding a review.

28 thoughts on “New WordPress theme: Emphaino”

  1. Hey I love the theme, but something odd happened? One of my very first posts i was able to EMBED a youtube video to the front page bu selecting the video format. I am trying to do it again today and the format for video is gone?

    Any thoughts on to why this might be?

    Also it will not allow me to make hyperlink text inside the post? Is there a way to turn this on?

    1. The theme currently doesn’t support the video format. I’m waiting to see how post formats are going to be implemented in WordPress 3.6. The support for all post formats will be available pretty soon.

      You can make hyperlink text inside the post. I guess you mean that the link text is not linked in the home page. That’s because the automatic excerpts cut off the anchor tags. You can define a custom excerpt (it’s available just below the post edit field, if it’s not there enable it in the ‘Screen Options’) with links and the links will be visible in home page too.

  2. Love the new theme and am excited to get my blog launched this week with it. I’m having one problem as I play around with it. When I create a new post the title goes missing on the static pinboard page but it appears with a broken page icon on the article page. I change the class on the h1 directly in firebug and the text showed up so I think something in the css is conflicting but I can’t see it. Thanks!

  3. Hello, I like your theme emphaino, but I need any instruction you may have to make my home page look as you have it, photos and text 6-9 photos total.
    Thanks for your time

    1. For every post, choose a featured image (the provision to choose a featured image can be found in the bottom-left corner of every post edit screen). And you can control the number of post appearing on index by changing the ‘Blog pages show at most’ option in Settings->Reading in your wp-admin.

  4. Hi, this is a very beautiful theme.
    I’ve created a page “Contact Us” thinking it would appear in the header menu, in front of the Home button, but it did not.
    What do I have to do to create that kind of menu ?

  5. Thank you for the theme.

    I am having display problems with author bio plugins. It happened with a few of them. Author picture just goes to the left top corner. I feel like it has something to do with fixed background picture location. Any ideas?

    1. Just visited your site and author bio pic looks fine to me. Maybe a browser specific issue? Let me know if the problem persists.

  6. Hey I love the theme. Nice !
    My Logo Image replaces site title and tagline
    Click on the image can’t turn back to the home page
    A little regret

    1. When a header image is selected and site title and tagline are hidden, the whole header area is not clickable, isn’t that what you mean? I will try and make it clickable in the next version. Thanks.

  7. I love your theme: Emphaino, but can i change the order of the posts? for exemple here at if i want the third post (picture with pink umbrellas) as first post can i do?is it possible?

    1. Just make the third post into a sticky post, and it will always appear as the first post (until the ‘stickiness’ is removed). To make a post sticky, go to the post edit screen, and look for the ‘Edit’ link near ‘Visibility: Public’ in the left hand side.

  8. Hi Srini !
    This is my favorite theme.
    Can you help me how to setting thumbnail image height on homepage, so that the article looks to be equally.

    1. In functions.php, look for the code add_image_size( 'half-width', 280, 9999 ); in line 89. Change 9999 to a finite number, say 210, and all thumbnails in the homepage will be of fixed width and height (280×210).

      1. I changed the code “add_image_size( ‘half-width’, 280, 210 ); but all thumbnails on homepage not change. I tried more times. Please help me!

        1. I’m sorry, I forgot to mention that you should also set the ‘hard crop mode’ to on in the add_image_size function call. So it should be

          add_image_size( 'half-width', 280, 210, true );

          Also regenerate all your thumbnails using the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to make sure all old thumbnails are resized to the new size.

  9. Dear Srini,
    Thanks a lot for the excellent work the Emphaino template 🙂
    Iam experiment some layout problems with IE9, in all the others browsers are working fine.
    Issues like the article boxes are transparent, and display all the article in one column.
    Can you please help me.
    Thanks in advance,
    LuisM &

    1. Hi Luis, I currently don’t have access to IE. I’ll check your site in IE9 a little later and respond to your question. Thanks.

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