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  1. I placed the Subscribe / Connect / Follow Widget on the secondary sidebar after activating it and followed all the instructions but it does NOT show up on my wordpress site. What am I missing? How can I get the widget to show up? I shows up under my admin site as a widget on the secondary sidebar which has a new title and options selected including the feeds requested. Please help! THANKS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. Great plug-in Srini.

    Could you add support for the rel=”me” microformat standard? That is, add it to the hyperlinks to the other profiles, e.g. Twitter, etc. Like so:

    <a rel=”me” href=”http://twitter.com/srinig”>

    rel=”me” indicates that the other profile also represents you, and this helps with services such as Google Author support, RelMeAuth / IndieAuth login, and others.

    For more info: http://microformats.org/wiki/rel-me



  3. hi srini,

    i’m faddah, friend of tantek and i own the wordpress blog web site, http://ialsowent.com.

    we’re here today in portland, oregon for “Indie Web Camp,” (http://indiewebcamp.com) a gathering of those, like tantek says, seeking coding solutions to having their own website be their verification identity on the web.

    there’s a live google hangout of indie web camp, by the way — https://plus.google.com/103129254353982815404 (look for posts for that user & join the hangout)

    i done some php hacking of this very nice wordpress plug-in & widget to add the rel=”me” into the lines generated by the php in your plug-in/widget. if you like, and tell me where to send it, i can send you the php.

    also, is this widget up on a public repository anywhere, like github?

    also, instead of my hard coding it into each line, you could make it part of the “user input” field in the wp admin appearance => widgets screen for editing the widget parameters, or a radio button or checkbox choice as to whether the rel tag is in there and if its value “me” or something else they’d like.

    please let me know if you’d like me to send you this hack and where to send the file. also, thank you again for this great widget, i really like using it on my wordpress site.


    — faddah

    1. faddah, thanks for the feedback and suggestions. You can send the hacks to srinig.com at gmail.com. I’ll add the mods as I see fit. The plugin is not in github as yet.

  4. srini,

    code sent to your e-mail with comments next to changes i made. thank you for being open to this.


    — faddah

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