4 thoughts on “Quotes Collection 1.5.4”

  1. Can you check your “random” algorithm? I always get certain quotes that appear while others rarely do. I suspect that the “random” function you use is not really all that random.

    Thanks, and by the way, I love your plug-in. Thanks for building and maintaining it. Great work.

  2. Really great plugin… Is there anything that can be added for a previous button for the Quote collection, I Would like the next/previous to be viewable on auto-refresh also 🙂

  3. Hi,

    My organization is setting up a new web site which will have different initiatives. I’ve used your terrific widget for random quotes for my own blog http://www.defendingthepublicgood.org

    But for the new site we’d like to be able to have quotes in different categories so different initiatives can have their own libraries. I don’t think that is possible with the existing Quotes Collection. Is that correct?


    David Morris

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