F2 version 1.1

F2 WordPress theme updated to version 1.1 with support for custom menus in WP 3.0 for the primary (horizontal) menu in the header. If a custom menu is not specified for the primary menu, the default F2 menu will be displayed in accordance with the options selected in the ‘F2 Settings’.

Also included in v1.1 is the Hindi translation by Ashish Jha.

The update was submitted to the WP theme directory on 12th July, but looks like it will take some time for the new version of the theme to be reviewed and the update to appear. Till then, the latest version of the theme can be downloaded from the F2 WP theme home page.

4 thoughts on “F2 version 1.1”

  1. I was looking for the perfect solution for our outdated pdf class catalog, and this theme was perfect. Even though it’s for work, I was more than happy to donate. I just started it and it needs some work, but the customization is straightforward, and, most importantly, my boss is blown away! Thanks!

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