7 thoughts on “Quotes Collection 1.3.6”

  1. This is a wonderful, easy-to-use and versatile plugin… thank you for creating and maintaining it.

    I really love that you include both shortcodes and a template tag to call it up outside of the widget area, and the use of AJAX for the next quote feature is awesome — visitors don’t even have to leave the page to see more testimonials… also love that you put plenty of CSS hooks in the output.

    If you’re taking suggestions for future mods, here are mine –

    1) the CSS. When plugins include their own CSS file, it would really be helpful to have the option to point it to a file in the theme folder instead, so the user can develop their own CSS without worrying about accidentally overwriting it during an upgrade. This could be done with a filter built into the plugin, or (even more easily, for the end-user) as an option on the admin settings.

    2) More filter hooks in the plugin. Would like to be able to easily alter the outputted HTML if I felt like it with a filter in my functions file.

    3) It’s really great that you include tags. Are these the same tags as used by the normal WordPress database, i.e. same tags as used for posts? If so, would be possible to also have a field for categories?

    Anyway, thanks again, this is a very fine plugin that works beautifully.

    1. Thanks for those suggestions, I’ll add them as I see fit.

      The tags used by the quotes are not the same as those used by the posts. It’s possible to have categories, but I think adding it will take away the simplicity of the plugin. So I won’t be adding categories unless there is very good reason for having it. If your need a customized solution though, you can contact me.

  2. Thanks for your collection,i’m using it now ,it’s great , i wounder if you could help me to tutorials to plugin development for a specific issue which is “how to pass parameters from controls like textboxes to wordpress function via submit button” i would really appreciate that ,i’m a dot net developer with so little knowledge with php

  3. Great plugin! Works wonderfully… but, as a neophyte blogger, I’m wondering how I change the title/name of Quotes to something else? I’m using the plugin to autogenerate wine trivia rather than quotes.
    Any guidance is appreciated!

    1. I second that.
      Currently I use the css hack to get the title/name before the quotes, but there is some side effects for the overall layout.

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