F2 WP theme and Flexi Pages Widget updated

F2 WordPress theme updated to v1.0.7.

  • Added localization in Russian and Chinese languages. Thanks to Mihail Pomaskin and Awu for the Russian and Chinese translations respectively.
  • Minor improvements in styling.

Flexi Pages Widget plugin for WordPress updated to v1.5.10. Just a minor fix (closing quote for ‘exinclude-values’ in line 408). Thanks to SoFi and Kevin for notifying me about this bug.

7 thoughts on “F2 WP theme and Flexi Pages Widget updated”

  1. Hi,
    I love your plugin, i only have a big problem since today… i just stopped working… i used 2.8.4 and after i had no navigation in my widget anymore i tried upgrading to 2.8.5, but still nothing.
    if i click the ‘show home’ it just displays that and not my pages. Can you please help me?

      1. the same thing is happening to me. i installed the plugin. it was working fine. not sure what happened, but now if i have “show homepage” checked it will show only that. if i don’t, it will show nothing. i deleted the plugin and re-installed it. same thing. loved it when it worked. any ideas?

  2. this might be embarrassing, but how do I increase the font size when I am writing a post. I can’t figure out how to increase the text for certain words to make them stand out. does your theme not support an increasing of the text in the post screen without using html codes?

    1. ninja, it’s not a theme level issue. You can in fact add html codes to highlight certain text when you edit a post or create a new post.

  3. I’m still tidying content and adding pages when I got stuck – I have 2 pages that I do not want to appear in the top menu. Is there a way to suppress a page from display? I use page numbers to sort the order of display

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