Introducing: F2 WordPress theme

F2 is a fast loading flexible width theme for WordPress. F2 is built on top of the good old Fluid Blue theme.


  • Flexible width (fluid width) layout.
  • Two sidebars. Either of the sidebars can be optionally turned off.
  • Customizable header, and much more options available in the settings page (options page).
  • Supports all new WordPress features like nested comments, comments paging, sidebar widgets, post tags and gravatars.
  • Compatible with WordPress v2.8 and above.
  • Valid XHTML and CSS.
  • The theme runs successfully in the latest versions of all major browsers.
  • Support for localization.

More details and download link for the latest version in the F2 WordPress theme page. F2 is released for free under the GPL.

3 thoughts on “Introducing: F2 WordPress theme”

  1. Im having a problem with the drop-down page menu.

    It looks like it dissapeaars when rolling the mouse down to hit 4th or 5th menu page. Is that intended? Great theme anyways, thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thanks for using the theme! There never has been any intention to make the menu disappear… I doubt it’s a theme level issue. Which site are you using the theme in? And which browser are you using to check your site?

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