Quotes Collection plugin in various languages

Support for localization was added in version 1.1 of the Quotes Collection plugin. As of the latest version (1.2.6; updated on 2009-04-14) the plugin has been translated into 18 languages.

Code Language Translator
ar Arabic Ahmed Alharfi
bs_BA Bosnian Vukasin Stojkov
da_DK Danish Rune Clausen
de_DE German Tobias Koch
es_ES Spanish Germán L. Martínez (Gershu)
fa_IR Persian Ehsan SH
fr_FR French psykotik
hr_HR Croatian 1984da
it_IT Italian Gianni Diurno (aka gidibao)
ja Japanese Urepko Asaba
nl_NL Dutch Kristof Vercruyssen
pl_PL Polish Marcin Gucia
ru_RU Russian Andrew Malarchuk
sr_RS Serbian Vukasin Stojkov
sv_SE Swedish Julian Kommunikation
ta_IN Tamil Srini
tr_TR Turkish Gürkan Gür
uk_UA Ukrainian Stas

If you don’t see your language above, please translate the plugin into your language and send me the file. Contact me if you need help.

8 thoughts on “Quotes Collection plugin in various languages”

  1. @bayilik
    I’ve reconfigured my blog..

    Here is a feature request 🙂 If i paste a http link to “source” section, can plugin just add a clickable [link] ?

    1. The recent versions of the plugin already does that! If you put a http link in the quote, author or source, it becomes clickable when it’s displayed in the widget.

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