Flexi Pages Widget 1.5

The Flexi Pages Widget plugin for WordPress has been updated to version 1.5.

Changes / Notes

  • Unlimited instances of the Flexi Pages Widget can be added to the sidebar.
  • New option to show date. This option, when selected displays creation or last modified date next to each page.
  • Widget controls overhauled. (see screenshot below)
  • The plugin references wp_page_menu() function instead of wp_list_pages(). Consequently, version 1.5 will work only with WordPress versions 2.7 and above.
  • All parameters that can be passed on to wp_page_menu() and wp_list_pages() can be passed into the flexipages() template function.

The Flexi Pages Widget plugin can be downloaded from the plugin page or from the WordPress plugin repository.

6 thoughts on “Flexi Pages Widget 1.5”

  1. I want my flexi-page widget links to show up on every page on the right hand column. Currently they are only showing up on the Portfolio page. How do I get them to show on every page?


  2. Hi Do you know of any good widget where we can select which pages the widget would show — kind of widget block?
    Thanks, Francine

    1. Such a plugin would be useful to me too in one of my sites, but haven’t come across one. Maybe, I should make a plugin myself…

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