Fluid Blue WP Theme version 1.7

The Fluid Blue WordPress theme has been updated to version 1.7.


  • Added support for threaded comments and comments paging (these features work only in WP 2.7+).
  • The horizontal navigation bar now displays dropdown menus for second level pages (this doesn’t work in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser). Thanks to Etienne Loutrel of http://www.gnulinux.fr/ for his help with the code.

The theme can be downloaded as usual from the theme page.

Also, Perrin Meyer has modified v1.6.1 of the theme to render LaTeX fonts and he’s also been kind enough to share his version. Anybody interested, do check it out. Here — Fluid Blue and LaTeX.

Long live Open Source Software!

16 thoughts on “Fluid Blue WP Theme version 1.7”

  1. Any chance on making a 3 column version of this? Everyone fluid width 3-column is full of so much complication like color pickers and PHP variables. I love how yours is nice and simple and easy to edit.

    1. Jesse, know what? I have already made a 3 col version of this theme sometime back. Got to make the finishing touches and it will be out soon.

  2. hi srini

    thanks for such a wonderful and simplistic theme. great job. do have a look at my site and click on the bengaluru blog to see your theme in action.

    good luck in making many more such nice themes.
    Sriky 🙂

    1. Hi Sriky, the theme looks great on your Bengaluru blog 😉

      Yes, you can add a header image, just add a background image to #header in style.css file. The theme is fluid width, so a repeated background image looks better than a fixed width image.

      1. Great Theme! Do you know where I could find additioanl instructions on how to, “just add a background image to #header in style.css file.” Thanks a lot.

  3. hi,

    funny thing: you say the navigation bar doesn’t work with internet-explorer, but at my page it’s exactly contrary – it works with ie7 but not with firefox 3. any ideas how to fix this?

  4. HI

    Thanks a lot for such a simple and good looking theme. Is there any way i could remove the list of categories appearing in each of my posts completely ??

  5. Hi – i really like your fluid blue theme and thanks for the design inspiration :>) … i do believe i found a bug in your design and it is broken with respect to pages or single posts that DO NOT have comments … posts with comments show fine but if a page allows for comments but has no comments then the navigation menu on right side gets broken and wraps under the page … best i can tell is a div is not getting closed but have not been able to determine culprit … if i hack single.php by taking out a closing div, then it only works one way – either the comments are fine, or they are blown out – depending on where i hacked the div but in no case was i able to get it to work so the menu was the same on page with comments or same on a page without comments ..??.. cordially, chuck scott

  6. Hi – just a follow up to my post last night about the broken div in the fluid blue 1.7 theme … i’ve spent the day trying to debug this and turns out there is an extra div that is not being closed … it is not apparent with IE but with Firefox it is (table blown out) … if there are comments on the page, no problem … if it is a page with comments closed, no problem … but if the page is a single post with no comments and is open for comments, then the nav table is broken … best i can determine thus far is the div id=”respond” in the comments.php is the cultprit … i believe the closing div has to be part of the php as echo in the if statements but have not yet found a solution and only share in case you said, “ah ha. i know how to close that respond loop …” …. to be continued … cordially, chuck scott

  7. Hi I like your theme. I have one question. I have a section where I have a flash video player. When I search “video” it displays the contents of the flash script and not the flash player. I am using version 2.7.1.

    Thank you for your help.


  8. I am suddenly having the strangest problem that I can not figure out. My new posts are not displaying anything in the sidebar in Firefox. The old ones work fine. The new posts work fine in IE and Opera. I’m just baffled by this. Even in firebug when I inspect the sidebar, all of the items are there – but they are invisible on the page!

    Baffling. I’m using WP 2.7.1 and Fluid Blue 1.7

    Here is a page that shows nothing in the sidebar on Firefox:


    Here is one that works fine:


    I’ve spent hours on this and can’t figure out why the sidebar in Firefox for new posts is not working properly, but the old ones are fine.

    Thnks so much for your help.

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