Fluid Blue WP Theme version 1.7

The Fluid Blue WordPress theme has been updated to version 1.7.


  • Added support for threaded comments and comments paging (these features work only in WP 2.7+).
  • The horizontal navigation bar now displays dropdown menus for second level pages (this doesn’t work in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser). Thanks to Etienne Loutrel of http://www.gnulinux.fr/ for his help with the code.

The theme can be downloaded as usual from the theme page.

Also, Perrin Meyer has modified v1.6.1 of the theme to render LaTeX fonts and he’s also been kind enough to share his version. Anybody interested, do check it out. Here — Fluid Blue and LaTeX.

Long live Open Source Software!

16 thoughts on “Fluid Blue WP Theme version 1.7”

  1. I too am hoping you can provide direction on where to find assistance in “just add a background image to #header in style.css file”. Not a coder anymore. A clue as to syntax? Pretty please?

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