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  1. Greetings ~

    I have installed the Quotes Collection, but it will not allow viewers to choose NEXT quote. It will change when the page is refreshed, otherwise — nada. I was hoping this update would fix it … will you please assist with correcting this? I LOVE the ease and usability of this plugin — and want to continue using. Thanks for your assistance!

  2. Stacey, thanks for your feedback. Quite a few have reported that the ‘next quote’ link doesn’t work. I will look hard into it and try to diagnose the problem before the next release. I will email you if I need more information from you.

  3. Matt and Stacey, I find that some users upload the plugin in a place other than where it’s supposed to be uploaded, and this causes problems. So please check if the plugin is in the location as illustrated below.

    |-- plugins/
        |-- quotes-collection/
            |-- quotes-collection.php
            |-- quotes-collection.js
            |-- quotes-collection.css
            |-- quotes-collection-ajax.php
  4. Hi, Really love your plug-in. However, I seem to think that the quotes shown are not really random. I see the same quote(s) show up more frequently than others. Also some quotes don’t show up at all.

    Any idea why that may be?

  5. Hi, thanks for the plug-in, very handy! Is there a way to make it so the quotes are displayed in order and not randomly. I have just a few quotes to rotate through so the same ones are often shown over and over. Thanks again!

  6. Thank you for this nice plugin


    How to make it automatically load next quote, say, every five seconds? Without clicking on “next quote”?


    Can you add an advanced editor to manipulate quotes? Right now it is a little pain to add urls in the quote body. Because in a quote I might have more than one urls and source does not work for this purpose.

    Mass import feature a text file is also preferable.

  7. Hi,
    a nice and very praticabel Plugin, thx for this!
    Iยดm looking in the Code for the Line before the Author, but dont find the Place.
    Who i can get off the Line or who i can make another Line behind the Author?
    Thx for your Help!

  8. Hi, is there a way you can make the second quotation mark be at the end of the quote? On most of them it is located underneath the quote and it throws off the whole look.

    Thank you.

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