WordPress themes updated

WordPress themes — Fluid Blue, Evanescence, and Crispy Cornsilk — have been updated to version 1.6.

What’s new?

  • Support for Gravatars
  • print.css file added — In case a visitor to your blog wants to take a print out of any page or post in your blog, the printing will now be much neater. Thanks to theme users who suggested me the print.css idea.
  • The date and time formats will now conform to your settings in the WordPress options page.
  • And a few other improvements.

It’s been more than a year since I released my first theme. I thank all those who have been using my themes. My special thanks to people who have appreciated my work by making donations. I have managed to release only three themes till now… hopefully there will be more in the future. 🙂

One thought on “WordPress themes updated”

  1. Srini,

    I am using Fluid Blue on WordPress 2.6.2 and find that the print function does not work. When selected it opens a new browser tab (a blank page) and the print dialog box and prints a blank page. I know very little about css but would be happy to try to fix it with your suggestions.

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