‘Quotes Collection’ plugin with a ‘Random Quote’ sidebar widget

Quotes Collection plugin for WordPress does just what the name implies, helps you collect and manage your favourite quotations and display a random quote on your sidebar. The Random Quote widget has a cool Ajax powered refresh feature, this means you can get another quote on the same space without refreshing the whole web page. You can also display all quotes, or a set of quotes on a page using a [quote] tag. Have a look at my quotes collection to see this plugin in action. The plugin is similar to wp quotes plugin by Dustin Barnes.

Find more information, and download version 0.9 of the plugin from the Quotes Collection plugin page and show off your attitude on the sidebar of your blog 😉 . Note that the plugin has still not been extensively tested across different WordPress versions, so please report any defects you might find with this plugin.

34 thoughts on “‘Quotes Collection’ plugin with a ‘Random Quote’ sidebar widget”

  1. Nice plugin. Works fine for me. But i have one question. Only the admin now can change the quotes. Is it posible that also editors can manage these quotes.

  2. Hi Marc, I have defined the user level for the quotes management page as 8. You can edit the quotes-collection.php file and change that number to anything you like (Look for the text add_management_page('Quotes Collection', 'Quotes Collection', 8, __FILE__, 'quotescollection_quotes_management'); on line 146 of version 0.9.4). Refer http://codex.wordpress.org/User_Levels to know more about user level numbers in WordPress.

  3. Hi,
    New to wp here and I must be doing something stupid. I followed all the instructions and it will not appear on my blog. Activated and moved the widget into the sidebar and made a couple of quotes. Nothing.

    I noticed in the screenshots, there is a management preference above the add a quote section…. but it doesn’t appear in mine. Seems that this may be the problem. Using 2.3.2 wp

  4. I love quotes, and have them on my Web Sites. On my Blog I can’t seem to get your plug-in to work.

    It is activated, but doesn’t show up. Do you have any ideas?

    Phoenix, Arizona

  5. I installed and liked it, and used the random string in the header of my site. It worked fine until this morning, when it started giving me this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_print_scripts() in /home/billrem2/public_html/wp-content/plugins/quotes-collection/quotes-collection.php on line 128

    It started error after I moved some widgets in the sidebar, but I never used the sidebar widget for the quotes as I put the quotes in the header.

    The plugin is deactivated for now.

  6. Bill, this problem is not caused by the quotes collection plugin as such, but I guess some other plugin/widget you use interferes with the WP file that defines the wp_print_scripts() function, but I have no idea which one. I suggest (if possible,) you try activating one plugin at a time along with quotes collection plugin and find out which plugin causes the problem. Once we find this out, I can try sort out the problem.

  7. Yeah, followed the plan… it is pretty basic, no writing anything in files. I deleted the plugin and re-downloaded from wp and then upload to my server. No luck.

    When I try to add a quote, it doesn’t start a database. Just says “no quote in database”

    The “Add Quote” button has two ?? after it… maybe this is significant?

    I may have to try another plugin, darn. I like the look of this one.

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