‘Quotes Collection’ plugin with a ‘Random Quote’ sidebar widget

Quotes Collection plugin for WordPress does just what the name implies, helps you collect and manage your favourite quotations and display a random quote on your sidebar. The Random Quote widget has a cool Ajax powered refresh feature, this means you can get another quote on the same space without refreshing the whole web page. You can also display all quotes, or a set of quotes on a page using a [quote] tag. Have a look at my quotes collection to see this plugin in action. The plugin is similar to wp quotes plugin by Dustin Barnes.

Find more information, and download version 0.9 of the plugin from the Quotes Collection plugin page and show off your attitude on the sidebar of your blog 😉 . Note that the plugin has still not been extensively tested across different WordPress versions, so please report any defects you might find with this plugin.

34 thoughts on “‘Quotes Collection’ plugin with a ‘Random Quote’ sidebar widget”

  1. Hi and thank you very much for the quote-plugin. It works very well. One minor flaw (at least here with firefox, if I try with my site stonie.homelinux.net): The Ajax refresh feature works 3-5 times and then loads forever (one can press f5 to stop that). I’m not deep into ajax, so I can only help testing a bit and as soon as I get on a windows machine, I will test also with IE5,6,7 and maybe Opera.

    Keep up the great work 🙂


  2. Chris, thanks for the feedback and reporting the Ajax refresh issue. I have updated the plugin with a few changes, it should address the problem. Please upgrade and let me know if the problem persists.

  3. hello..forgive me,

    i have a problem regarding this nice plugin..

    the problem is with..the name of the author ,i put other author’s name for the quotes which i wanted to put..but the undesired author name keep replacing it.what shud i do?

  4. me313, can you give more details? Also provide a link to your website if possible, so that I can see the problem for myself?

  5. Hi there,

    I downloaded and installed your Quotes Collection plugin, and I love it. I does everything I want it to, but there’s a slight problem. Quotes that have a carriage return tend not to show up, and when they do, the breaks aren’t recognized. I tried adding “br” tags, and they show up properly formatted in the WordPress Dashboard, but they don’t seem to show up at all in the sidebar. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to work around this?

    It’s not too big of a deal, but if there’s a solution I’d be extremely grateful.


  6. Actually, it does work with the “br” tags added, but quotes with the break tags don’t show up when the “refresh” link is used. That’s no big deal at all to me. Thanks for a great job.

  7. Mister DNA, I’ve fixed this problem with linebreaks in the latest version (0.9.4). Linebreaks are automatically recognized now. You need not add the “br” tags yourself.

    Thanks for using the plugin.

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