WP themes updated with tags support and links page

I have updated my WordPress themes with tags support for WordPress 2.3. The themes will work just fine under older WordPress versions as well.

I have also added a links template as suggested by Carlo. So, if you have a huge number of ‘Blogroll’ links and want them to be displayed in a page instead of in the sidebar, this links template might be quite handy. Just create a page with an appropriate title like ‘Links’ and for the ‘Page Template’ option, select ‘Links’.

But the links page you find on my website doesn’t actually use the links template, I use a plugin of sorts to accomplish this. Here it is if you too want to go plugin way — srinis-links-page.zip. Unzip, upload and activate the plugin as you would do with any other plugin, and place the text {{links-page}} in the page you want your ‘Blogroll’ links to be appear. It’s just a small piece of code… feel free to develop the plugin further and make it a full fledged links page plugin, but there’s probably many other advanced links page plugins already available.

I’ve also made plenty of other improvements with the themes. So, head over to my themes page, choose a theme, download, use it in your blog, and have fun. 🙂

PS: Just for a record, 1.5 is the latest version number for all my themes.

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