Flexi Pages Widget v.1.2

With the latest version of the Flexi Pages Widget, version 1.2, you can

  • Specify a custom text for the ‘home page’ link. So you can now have the home page link text as ‘Home’, or ‘Front Page’ or anything you like.
  • Have the child pages, parent pages, sibling pages and top level pages displayed on a page while still leaving out the siblings of parent pages. This is not possible with older versions. Version 1.2 doesn’t include this as an ‘option’ though. You have to specify the ‘Custom depth’ as ‘-3’ to achieve this.

These things in addition to all the nice features available on previous versions. Version 1.2 is also tested with WordPress 2.3-beta1, so you can be sure that the widget will work on your blog if use any WP versions greater than 2.1.

Download Flexi Pages Widget v.1.2 from the plugin page. All suggestions, feedbacks welcome as a comment at the plugin page. Thanks to all those who provided suggestions, reported errors, etc,. and I thank everyone using the widget. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Flexi Pages Widget v.1.2”

  1. Is it possible to have more than one flexi widget on the same sidebar? Can I place various widgets and configure them with different pages? That would be great to organize pages and menus. Thanks.

  2. Right now, this feature is not included with the widget. However, watch out… I will probably include and option to have multiple instances in a future version.

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