‘Flexi Pages Widget’ for WordPress

Flexi Pages Widget‘ is a widget to display the list of pages and sub-pages links on the WordPress sidebar. The widget control panel is very easy to use… there are plenty of options to display the list in different ways.

Unique features:

  • option to display sub-pages only in parent page and related pages.
  • optional link to home page.

I have quite a number of sub-pages in this website and I wanted have these sub-pages listed only in the parent and sibling pages, not in home page and every other post/page. The default ‘Pages’ widget that comes along with WordPress doesn’t have many options… the ‘SubPages widget‘, and to an extent ‘Breukie‚Äôs Pages Widget‘ can be used to accomplish this, but they don’t exactly do what I wanted. I wanted only the top level pages to be displayed in home page and other pages/posts, but on a page having children, the child pages would nicely expand in the same list, I don’t want them to appear in a different list. I initially wrote the ‘Flexi Pages Widget’ for this very functionality, and subsequently added more user friendly options to the widget control panel. The page links on top of the sidebar here uses this widget… feel free to click around and see how it works.

More information and download link at the Felxi Pages plugin page.

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