New ‘Fluid Blue’ WordPress theme

As the name implies, a fluid width blue coloured template for your WordPress blog. Has two columns, right sidebar supports widgets. No fancy graphics, just simple, good looking design. Details and download link at the theme page. You can also preview and download from theme viewer.

One of the hardest thing while designing themes and templates is to suitably name them. I had to scratch my head a long time before naming this theme ‘Fluid Blue’. It’s surprising to find that, out of sixty three ‘fluid’ width ‘blue’ themes uploaded prior to this one at the theme viewer, none have been named ‘Fluid Blue’!

I have also made some improvements to my previous themes, few of those changes based on suggestions from the theme users, thanks for all the feed back. Those using these themes can download the latest versions here — Evanescence 1.3 and Crispy Cornsilk 1.1.

13 thoughts on “New ‘Fluid Blue’ WordPress theme”

  1. Thank you for writing such readable code. I liked what you did with the horizontal menu in this theme and I snagged the code and injected into Evanescence before making it more “me”. I should have dropped a line earlier about this but I didn’t. It was a joy to read the stylesheet and see where everything went. You don’t know how nice that is for those of us hacks who really don’t know much about code.

  2. I’m a bit of hacker myself… that’s the way I’ve learnt things and that’s the way I developed these themes really. I’m glad the chain continues. Open source is a beautiful concept isn’t it.

    BTW, your new design looks really great!

  3. I read this comment today and notice the date on these comments. If you were looking at my version of your theme around that date, you were among the few who saw it at that time for weeks, as the computer that I was hosted on crashed and my site wasn’t restored for about three weeks. Thankfully, I hadn’t made a lot of tweaks since my last back up, so I was able to get running again fairly soon after that.

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